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Video Marketing

Video marketing to promote your website and or product is a great way to market for several reasons. I highly recommend using videos in your marketing efforts. In this chapter I’m going to discuss methods I’ve used to create videos, rank them on Google, and send more link juice and visitors to my sites, and the sites of my clients.

  1. Videos are very popular – people love to watch them.
  2. Videos are easy to rank on Google (Hint: Google owns YouTube).
  3. A link to your website from your video can send traffic to your website.
  4. Links from your video can help raise the authrity of your website.
  5. You can embed your videos into your website to make your website more interesting and to keep people on your site longer.
  6. Videos can be fun and easy to make when you know how.
  7. Often videos can get to the top of Google faster than a website.
  8. The more links to your money site you have on page 1 of Google, the less real estate availibe for your competition.
  9. Some people will search from YouTube instead of Google.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Make a video using one of the methods outlined below; in the resource box; using a webcam or video camera, a screen share, or any method you choose. Choose a method that is appropriate for your industry.
  2. Name the video file something that makes sense as a search term.
  3. Upload the video to your YouTube account.
  4. Check to make sure the name/title looks the way you want it on YouTube (no .mp4, etc).
  5. Create a playlist and add your video, or add it to an existing playlist.
  6. Insert the full URL for your website into the description area on YouTube (http://mysite [dot] com) followed by a good description of your video. 300-500 words is good.
  7. Fill out all available information fields you can on YouTube, including the location of the business if important.
  8. Do some link building to your video after it’s published.
  9. Post your video on some of your other web properties.
  10. Do some paid YouTube promotion like Tube Toolbox if you dare.
  11. Use OneLoad or Traffic Geyser to upload your video to the other video hosting sites.
  12. Promote your video on Facebook, Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, and other YouTube Promotion sites.

Here are some simple ways to create videos for website marketing purposes;

Using Animoto for video creation:

Create slides from your website for use as your content using a program like Photoshop. As an alternate way of creating slides, create a PowerPoint presentation, and click on “save as slides.” You can also use Google Docs for free to create a presentation, and download the slides as jpegs by going to file>download as>jpeg.

Once you have about 10-15 slides, you can upload them to Animoto to create a beautiful full motion video with royalty free music in the background.

Action Step: Create a video related to your industry. Upload it to YouTube. Do some promotion and link building.

Animoto (Video Creation from Slides)
Go Animate (Cartoon Video Creation)
Fiverr (Video Creation)
Oneload (Free Video Distibution)
Traffic Geyser (Video Distribution)
Tube Toolbox (YouTube Promotion)

Video Marketing Software