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About Blogs

Do you need a website or a blog? A blog is a website that typically displays articles or post in reverse chronological order. It also often contains an area for commenting (posted comments of viewers). A blog can be set up to look like a website that is not a blog if someone so desires. WordPress is technically a blogging platform. Both WordPress and Joomla can be set up to look like websites that contain a blog page if one so desires. It’s a pretty typical set-up as it gives one the best of both worlds. It allows a person the ability to have content that is mostly static (only changing when necessary), and content that is dynamic and growing on a regular basis, with commenting and all.

Google likes websites that grow and change, and it’s also good for SEO to have new and current information, and more content, thus more keywords you can rank for. That’s why it’s a good idea to set up your site as a blog, or at least have a blog on your site somewhere. If you add a page to your blog every week or two it will help you to rank better and higher in the search engines.

Blogs can be also set up off of your site, on sites like, and you can link to your money site from those blogs. This is good for traffic, and good for creating link juice for getting your money site to the top of Google. I prefer to have a blog on my sites, and then additional web 2.0 sites like blogger in addition to the main money site.

You can and should also comment on blogs that belong to other people. Your comments or posting name can often link back to your money site as well, or to your other web properties that link to your money sites, which is also good for traffic, and good for creating link juice for getting your money sites to the top of Google.