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There are two important question to ask about PBNs: What is a PBN, and should I build my own PBN? I’m going to answer the first question straight away and then I’m going to help you decide the answer to the second question.

A PBN is a network of websites or blogs that are typically owned by one person, company, or entity for the purpose of ranking other websites. Using a PBN to rank a website goes against Google’s terms of service. The reason for that is because PBN links will give you an artificial competative advantage, and Google wants sites that rank narually to have the advantage. There is only one problem with that. Many of your competitors are using an artificial competative advangage to rank their sites.

So you have to decide: Do you want to be a natural bodybuilder who is competing in a world of steroid users, or do you want to use steroids as well? The choice is yours to make. No one will knock on your door, and arrest you if you use a PBN. It’s not acainst the law. But it is against Google’s terms of service and you can have your sites knocked back — if you get caught.

Let’s assume you dicide to use a PBN. The next question is do you buy links or build your own PBN. I’d say if you only want to rank one site, buy links from someone who sells them. But make sure they are quality links. If you plan to do website development and SEO for a living, build your own PBN, and make sure it does not leave any footprints or traces of being a PBN.

I’m not going to go into all the details of building a proper PBN here, as that is a course all in itself, but I will say this: Havc a VA do as much of the work as possible, use a service such as Cloudboss Pro to manage all or most of your sites in one place, stay away from crappy one dollar web hosting companies, and make your sites look and feel like real sites in case Google stops by to do a visual inspection.

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