Advanced Principles

The basic SEO strategy outlined on the last page will be enough to get your site some serious recognition on Google. But once you have your basic on-page and off-page strategy in place you’ll want to move into the more advanced methods outlined below. This will be key to your future rankings on Google.

Next, you will want to give more juice to your best video, your best article, your best press release, your best Web 2.0 property, your best blog, and even some help to your profiles and bookmarks. Essentially you’ll want to boost what is referred to as your tier one links. You give them more juice the same way you give juice to your money site – by having other websites and web properties link to them, or if going the grey hat route, sending the links yourself. The reason for sending links to your links is that you want the juice to get to your site, and you want as many these web properties to get to the front page of Google as possible.

Wouldn’t it be better to have ten properties on page one than only one property? Every link you have on page one is a link that your competitor does not have. The goal is to squeeze your competition off of page one. Also, the stronger you make your video, press release, article, etc., the more juice they will pass to your money site. Because Youtube is such a strong authority site, your video will only need a few links to get it to the first page. Linking from this strong video to your money site will have an impact on the ranking of your money site, but it will also send direct traffic as well. The same holds true for articles, press releases, etc.

Your advanced link building strategy should look something like this illustration:

In a perfect world, every one of the properties that are linking to your money site will have all kinds of properties and sites linking to it as well. In the real world this will not happen, nor does it need to. This illustration is just to give you an idea of the complexity you are shooting for. Note: There is no right or wrong way to do this. If I gave you an exact pattern to follow, and everyone using this method used the same pattern, it would leave an unnatural footprint that Google could catch on to, and could possibly discount in the next algorithm update. That’s probably being a little paranoid, but there is no sense in taking chances.

Notice that I also show RSS to Bookmarks on the attached graphic. RSS is a way to list all your bookmarks on one page and submit them to an RSS site so that Google can see them. It’s important that Google sees the links to your site, or they will not have any effect on your rankings. All of the other links you build should also be sent to an indexing service or linked to from other indexed sites so that Google can easily find them quickly.

In the illustrated scenario the best practice would be to send some links from a good selection of your articles, videos, blogs, etc. to your main site.  Then choose your best video, your best press release, your best blog, etc., to send lots of links to from as many sources as you can. The link building doesn’t need to stop at the first or second level out. As a matter of fact, the more links you have and the deeper they go, within reason, the higher your money site will rank. This is called your personal link network.

Along with the above linking scenario, you will also want to have traffic coming to your site and clicking around on your pages from various IPs and in sufficient numbers to make your site and the sites that link to your site look like they are active and relevant.

How are you supposed to do all that work, you may ask? That’s a great question. If you were to do it all yourself it could take a hundred hours per week just to get one site ranking. The rality is I’m only explaining all this to you so that you understand the basic concepts of what it takes to beat your competition on Google.

Currenlty, the best way to put something like the above chart together is by doing Google entity stacking. Google entity stacking uses all Google properties to accomplish a network similar to what you see above. Since all of the properties are owned by Google it’s not likely that you will ever be penalized for any of it, and the link-juice will flow nicely to your money site.

The conmbination of Google entity stacking and real site links from authortiy sites or PBN links from high quality PBNs would be almost imposible to beat. If you want to rank your sites without knocking yourself out, quality PBNs would be my first choice.

You can outsource Google entity stacking on places like Fiverr, Konker, etc.

Action Step: Read the Basic SEO and Advanced SEO pages and make sure you understand them. The concepts contained are critical to your success.






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