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How to Do SEO

By now you should have read the chapters on basic SEO principles and advanced SEO principles.” Almost all SEO is based on those principles, and it has taken me years to learn them and test them and see that they work, so please do not read this chapter until you understand the underlying principles. With all these principles in your arsenal and what’s coming in this chapter, you’ll be ready to take any business to the top.

If you have read the last 2 chapters, you may have said to yourself, “How in the world am I supposed to get all that work done?” And even more than that, how in the world are you going to get that work done in sufficient numbers, over a sufficient amount of time, and at the correct velocity to raise your site/s to the top of Google? Great questions, with a simple answer: Automation and the hiring of help at affordable prices.

Some of you may think that automation is a bad word – that it is somehow some kind of black hat technique that is not for serious business websites. I say that done correctly it can help your business immensely.

Do not use programs that auto post content (mostly garbage) to people’s blogs, that scrape the web for content it can “borrow,” that spin articles with one click, or that otherwise junk up the Internet. Google will catch on to what you’re doing and will one day slap your site back to page 500 or ban it into oblivion.

Instead, follow this logical approach to automate the creation of a moderate amount great content that builds up the web and your personal network of quality sites content and posts, and you will be rewarded with high ranking sites will stand the test of time, and will stay on top for many Google updates to come.

If you do these step as outlined here, your sites, and the sites of your customers if you are doing SEO as a business, will quickly hit the first page in Google for almost any local keyword, and then it will rise to the very top over time.

 Step One – Research:

The first thing you’re going to need to do when doing SEO for local keywords and for national keywords as well, is to do keyword research to find out what terms people are using to find your product or service. Use the Google keyword research tool for this. If you sell blue widgets, type in blue widgets into the search box. Do not type in blue widgets in Oklahoma. Choose the most important keywords that people who are buying would use. Jewelry store is a good example. You’ll find good keywords like Jeweler, Jewelers, Jewelry Stores, etc. Once you have 3-4 good keywords, move on to the next step. If the keywords seem related in some way, that is a plus. By related I mean like this: accident attorney, auto accident attorney, auto injury attorney, injury attorney. It’s still perfectly fine to go for single local search words like attorney Miami, or Miami attorney, because if you use the techniques taught here you will still be able to outrank your competition with a little work. Although SEO seems to be in everyone’s mind most businesses still do not use SEO properly and mort SEO’s will not know what you know.

It’s a good idea, however, to use a tool like Market Samurai, or the SEO Quake plugin for Firefox in order to see if the keyword you’re going after is attainable or if it is way to competitive. For instance, you will not be able to outrank the competition for the keyword “How to Lose Weight.” But you may still be able to take position #1 for a competitive keyword such as “New Orleans Lawyer.” So chose your battels carefully so you don’t waste your time. For more information on this kind of research see the wonderful Market Samurai tutorials. You did want to become an expert at SEO, didn’t you?

For even more in-depth education into the world of SEO, click on the link to Matt Digitty’s site in the resource box. He has done as much testing as anyone in the SEO industry and gives a lot of free information on his site.

Step Two – On-page SEO:

Next, you will go to your site and make sure you have a page dedicated to the keywords you want to rank for, using the city name if a local type search. Example: Page title – Buy Blue Widgets Miami Florida. H1 tag header – Buy Blue Widgets Miami Florida. The article on the page will be about Buying Blue Widgets in Miami and it will use variations of that term a few times while maintaining perfect readability. The article can also contain any synonyms for blue widgets. Make sure it’s a good informative article that is original and very readable. It’s not currently important to have absolutely perfect SEO on your page, and in fact, there is a Google penalty for over optimization.

If you want to add a video, do so. Upload it to YouTube and insert it into your site where you want it to show as well. You may also add YouTube videos that other people have created. It may help to keep people from bouncing off your site too quickly. If you add pictures, and you should add pictures, make sure you name the pictures (alt tag) with a name like blue widgets or blue widgets in Miami when uploading to your site. Geo-tagging your image in Google’s Picassa won’t hurt, and is certainly a plus for images you upload to Google Local Places.

I like to write most of my own pages, but there are time I just need to bang out a bunch of pages quickly and cheaply. To do this I go to I Need Articles and I order custom written articles for only about $6 each. You can do this if you craft your article subject carefully. For intsance, if you have an article written on the subject of “About Our Massage Parlor,” and then insert a couple words of customization yourself, you can have a perfecctly accpetable page done quickly and cheaply. These articles are also perfectly good for a weekly or monthly blog. Buy for $6 and charge your customer $50 – $100 to write and post.

Step Three – Off-page SEO:

This is just as important a part of your SEO as the on-page SEO you do. The reality of it is that you used to be able to rank a page that has nothing on it but you cannot do that in today’s Google. As a matter of fact, 2000 words of content on a page as well as images and other media is the best way to get Google’s attention. So in order to rank nowadays, you will want to do both on-page and off-page SEO.

If you remember from reading the Basic and Advanced SEO section, you have to build a significant amount of links to your money site, and an even bigger amount of links to those links. You can either spend all your time building these links manually, you can pay some outsourcers to do the work for you (risking having them build garbage links) or you’re going to put automation to work for you, creating the equivalent of having about ten full-time employees working for you, by investing about 5 hours to set it up, then 2 hours a month.

One way to build decent links, if you want to go the greyhat/blackhat route is with a program called SEnukeTNG (see link in resources box). Do not use the one-click automation features to build links to your money site, or you will risk putting a lot of junk on the internet linking to your site, and when Google’s algorithm picks up on it, your the links can be disregarded, or worse. See my notes on using SEnukeTNG. Only use SEnukeTN to build links to your site with safe anchor text. Don’t use it to try to rank your site for important keywords. For important keywords you will want to send real links from real site, and even high quality PBN links. Use SEnukeTN only to build anchor text like this this:,,, mysite, My Site Name, visit site, go to site, click here, and any non descript generic anchor text you can think of. You can find lists of them online. Here’s a great source of generic anchor text you can use as well as a more indepth study of anchor text.

Step Four – Social Media

Social media is powerful and a ranking factor to Google. Not only that, but it can drive real visitors and business to your site. Make sure you at least get accounts on all the major social media sites, and post on them at least occasionally. These are the important social media sites that everyone should have accounts on: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube.

Step Five – Traffic and Visitors

In Goolge’s eyes, if your site is ranking high, and so many sites are linking to it, it better have visitors if it expects to stay where it is. Most of this should come from genuine visitors that you’re generating by ranking high. But if you’re not getting sufficent traffic you may want to make it look as if you are, until you do. Having traffic that stays on your site and does not bounce will help your rankings and keep your site from falling. If this traffic is coming to your site from Google searches for your keywords and your company name they can be very beneficial. For this I recommend Crowdsource (see link in resource box).

Here’s how to pull it all together:

This part of the process is optional and based on your need to diversify your anchor text profile, and your tolerance of using automated tools. Note that you will not want to spam the the web with garbage, but you will want to post a few spun articles to various properties using mostly naked URLs and generic links in order to boost that kind of links cheaply.

You’ll need the following subscriptions: SEnukeTNG, The Best Spinner, and Article Builder. You can find links for these programs in the resource box below.

Article builder will generate all the unique articles you will need, for one low yearly fee.The best spinner will allow you to create as many spun versions as you’re going to need, again for one low yearly fee. SEnukeTNG will allow you to post hundreds or thousands of links on all kinds of web properties, and create the link-juice that will drive your money site and more to the top of Google.

1) Generate a 500-word article that is related to your niche using article builder. This is done with basically one click, and the results are excellent. In the event that you can’t find an exact match, you can generate something in a related niche. Example: You can’t generate an article about window replacement, so you generate an article about home decorating and you insert a paragraph about windows.

2) Open your article in The Best Spinner, and go through it creating appropriate synonyms for every word you possibly can. This takes me less than an hour for a 500-word article. When you get used to using The Best Spinner you should learn to spin at the sentence and paragraph level as well for even more unique articles that are perfectly readable.

3) Take this spun version of your generated edited content, with the spin syntax intact, and insert it into all the appropriate fields of SEnukeXCr. You will use it to create links on web 2.0 properties, social networks, article submissions, PDF sharing sites, Wiki sites, and press releases. SEnukeXCr will also handle your bookmarking and forum profile link creation for you when you set it up to do so. Set your SEnukeXCr campaigns to start off at about 50% over a 2 week period, and gradually ramp them up. You will understand all this after going through the SEnuke XCR training.

Just doing the above will be often be enough to get your sites ranking high on Google. Especially if there is not a lot of competition. If you want to give it more push and some insurance against future changes in Google, or you want to go after more competative keywords, you will do this by adding even more variety and quality to your link profile.

For even more aggressive ranking you should build out the rest of your links by posting a video or a few to YouTube, create a Blog on and, and a genuine press release on a genuine press release service. Make sure to have a link pointing to your money site from each of these properties.

Although buying links on other sites goes against Google’s “rules,” if they don’t know that you are paying, the links will be super helpful. Buy a few high-quality links on quality sites, from a source like, or from someone with a PBN that flys under the radar, or start your own PBN for generating links to your sites and your clients sites.

The above will be more than adequate for ranking just about any local business at this time.

The outcome can be that you have many links on page one of Google for your chosen keywords, thus pushing your competition off the page and making your sites get a tremendous amount of clicks. All these high ranking sites pointing to your money site will also help to push it to the top. In tough cases, or where you have a big budget and need to get to the top very quickly a few page rank 5 links from a link broker on Digital Point and or buying and re-purposing a few older seasoned high PR sites to contain similar content, and linking to your money site will do the trick.

As an advanced strategy for ranking, create a small website in as many surrounding cities as you feel comfortable doing. For instance, if you’re in New York City, create a site for Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and even for smaller cities or areas around you and within 20 miles of where your business is located. These sites will probably not rank high themselves, and will not be in Google Local listings (see advanced section on expanding your business), but you will link to your money site, and in effect build your own blog network. Even without focusing on these sites much, you’ll get the occasional visitor. And if you SEO the sites, you can do quite well with them. Also, when the time comes for you to expand into the next city, you’ll be ready with a site.

If you’re using these methods to rank a national level keyword you’ll want to do the above at a more aggressive level, plus add in links on .edu sites, front pages of high page rank blogs in your niche, and also do some research to see where your competition has links, and try to get links in the same place, to neutralize their efforts.

Keep in mind that some national level keywords would take an enormous amount of link building and or an enormous amount of natural links that come to a site because it is genuinely viewed and liked by real viewers.

Use the tools I have mentioned in an ethical fashion, and only distribute well written and well-spun content, and watch your rankings raise up in the search engine results pages. Do not bombard your money site with these links. But be sure to send a good amount of these links to your first and second tier sites regularly and over a long time period, because when your second tier gains page-rank it will pass the juice through to your money site.

If all this seem like a lot to do, it’s because it is a lot to do. I did it all myslef for quite a while. Then I got my wife to help (when she felt like it). At some point I realized if I was going to remove the glass celing over my head and make serious income, I’d need to get help. I did that by hiring virtual assistants and delegating the repetative tasks to them. I highly recommend that if you have clients you do the same. I have placed my recommendation for a good reasonably priced VA service in the resource box below.


Action Tip: Get SEnukeXCr, Article Builder, and The Best Spinner, and begin learning how to use them.





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