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By now you should have read the chapters on basic SEO principles and advanced SEO principles.” Almost all SEO is based on those principles, and it has taken me years to learn them and test them and see that they work, so please do not read this chapter until you understand the underlying principles. With all these principles in your arsenal and what’s coming in this chapter, you’ll be ready to take any business to the top.

If you have read the last 2 chapters, you may have said to yourself, “How in the world am I supposed to get all that work done?” And even more than that, how in the world are you going to get that work done in sufficient numbers, over a sufficient amount of time, and at the correct velocity to raise your site/s to the top of Google? Great questions, with a simple answer: Automation and the hiring of help at affordable prices.

Some of you may think that automation is a bad word – that it is somehow some kind of black hat technique that is not for serious business websites. I say that done correctly it can help your business immensely.

Do not use programs that auto post content (mostly garbage) to people’s blogs, that scrape the web for content it can “borrow,” that spin articles with one click, or that otherwise junk up the Internet. Google will catch on to what you’re doing and will one day slap your site back to page 500 or ban it into oblivion.

Instead, follow this logical approach to automate the creation of a moderate amount great content that builds up the web and your personal network of quality sites content and posts, and you will be rewarded with high ranking sites will stand the test of time, and will stay on top for many Google updates to come.

If you do these step as outlined here, your sites, and the sites of your customers if you are doing SEO as a business, will quickly hit the first page in Google for almost any local keyword, and then it will rise to the very top over time.

Action Tip: Get SEnukeXCr, Article Builder, and The Best Spinner, and begin learning how to use them.

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