When working with SEnukeTNG only give it genuine original content that you have written yourself or have had written for you. I also recommend only using it sparingly for the purpose of tweaking your anchor text and for creating the illusion that sites are linking to your money site and your properties upon occation. Put your more important links with your best anchor text on quality PBNs or other quality site, but use SENuke for rounding out your anchor text profile with a light amoutn or naked URLs, version of your company name and a few generic URLs. It’s safe to do if you do it correctly and mildly.

It will be necessary for you to provide spun versions for SEnukeTNG to use so that it is not posting the same identical article everywhere. A spun article is an article that has been set up to automatically change words for synonyms, and thereby creates totally unique versions. Again, do not use the one-click automation for spinning, as you will generate nothing but garbage, that will eventually be bad for your search engine results. Instead use a program called The Best Spinner, and take the time to do a quality manual spin of your original content. This manual spin, if done correctly will allow you to generate hundreds of perfectly readable virtually original articles that will generate link-juice and incoming links for your sites and your properties.