Offline Marketing

It would be silly to think that the only marketing you will ever want to do is online. There are still a host of “old school” marketing methods that work as well as they ever did. Taking advantage of these, and some new school offline marketing techniques can put you places that your competition may not be…

Chamber of Commerce: Before you start rolling your eyes back in your head and saying that I’m crazy, realize that a lot of people still use the chamber of commerce as a place to meet other business owners, and sell their wares. That’s where you will want to be different. Don’t ever try to sell other business owners. Instead, see how you can help them. Find out what a good referral is for them. The’ll more than likely do the same for you. And you can create strategic alliances with other business owners who will let you know when they here of someone who needs your services.

Also, make sure you leave your business cards and brochures were ever they are allowed to be left. Many people go to the Chambers of Commerce to find services. Get to  know the people at the counter. They can let you know when the chamber needs a flyer, poster, brochure, or website. All of which you can bid on, or do for them directly if you have the talent.

Business Development Board: Many cities also have a Business Development Board, or Small Business Development Commission, or some such organization. See them out, and go to a free welcome seminar, or whatever they offer for new members. If the Chamber of Commerce works for you, and you can fit in and look like you belong with an even higher class of businessmen, there is often even bigger and higher paying jobs to be sold here business to business.

Postcard Mailings: Many printers, such as will allow you to set up an account if you have a graphic designer or web design license, which you can easily obtain at city hall. You can then buy printing and bulk mailing services directly from them. Have your postcard designed at one of the sites mentioned on the outsourcing page if you’re not qualified to do it yourself. Just make sure you get the exact specs from the site before you start designing.

You’re going to need a mailing list. You can buy this from a company like infoUSA, but if you’re only advertising locally you can save a ton of money by going to the local main post office and buying pre-printed stickers by zip-code. Call and find out how it’s done in your area.

Be sure to also check out the “Working With Others” section for more great ideas on ways to market yourself in the offline world.