Fast Track to Growth

In this section I’m going to review my best techniques for taking any successful brick and mortar business like a web design agency, and growing it very quickly, often doubling the business in a few short months. This will work for your web design business, or the businesses of most of your clients. I have used this method for several businesses, and all have been very happy with the results. Using these techniques one can go from earning 6 figures a year, to as earning much more with virtually no limits, as long as you are willing to manage your people and grow. Essencially what I’m telling you here is how to grow your business with Google Local Listings, in a perfectly legal and ethical way.

It’s best not to try these techniques until you have already established yourself in business in one location, and you have proven that you have your systems in place and can be profitable. If you jump the gun, and you try to grow too fast when you still have problems that need to be worked out, you may wind up compounding your problems instead of growing your business. So use these techniques only when you’re ready.

Here’s How to Grow Your Business:

Find at least one major city that is close to your first location but far enough away that you do not cannibalize your own business.

Find, in the center or busiest location in this new city, a good low priced virtual office or a small office location that you can rent on an hourly basis. There are companies that will let you have an office for $100 per month or less. Most will be able to supply you with a unique phone number. You may also be able to use a Magic Jack for your number, and even forward to your main line. There are other ways to get a local number if need be. Typically you will be able to use the office at a scheduled time each day, or by appointment for a few hours each week. You will use this office for client appointments, but even more than that, you will need it in order to have a local presence in your chosen new city for SEO purposes.

More than likely you will want to get a license in your new city if necessary, to keep everything honest, and for verification by search engines for the local listings.

With this bonafide presence in your chosen city, you can add a location to your Google Local Places account.

Add a page to your website about your new location.

SEO your new page using words like “my business new city” etc, as discussed in the section on SEO. This would be a good time to create and disseminate a genuine press release.

Do proper Google Local Places SEO.

Begin to reap the benefits of having a business in multiple cities.

Once up and running and profitable you can add 5 more cities, and then expand from there.

Do not disregard the power of this technique, as it could mean the difference between slow to medium growth, and having more business than you can handle. I have to warn you though, it can take a couple or even a few months to reach the top of Google again so don’t expect overnight success. After-all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.






Regus Virtual Offices

You should also do your own Google search to find more and lower priced virtual offices in your particular city.