Business Forms

Here is where you will find business forms and contracts that I have used in my web design and SEO business. These forms should be all you’ll need to get started in your business.  

You are welcome to customize and use these forms for your own purposes. I have used some of these forms in my own business, and I’ve decided to give you access to this resource instead of giving you the stilted highly complicated contracts I was originally going to supply in this section. I think you will be much better off with choosing your own forms and contracts from the links below. And you’ll also be able to find forms and contracts that suit your situation and personality better. You can sort the forms on these pages by date, most signed, most used, etc. And you can search for any type of contract you may need, using the search feature.

Below are what I consider to be the most important forms you will need. Please be sure to consult a lawyer, if you want to be certain of their legality in your particular situation, as each state or country has its own laws.




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