Virtual Offices

Virtual offices are perhaps the best way to start many small businesses.

You can have all the clout of a great location in the heart of the city, at one-tenth the cost, and with very little start-up costs. Virtual offices also allow you to have a big city address for Google Local Places listing, and for the convenience of the majority of your clients. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough – whether you are a web designer or any other type of business (unless you are running a mail-order company or online-only operation).

Having a virtual office allows you and your business to not only look as though you’re in the heart of things, but you can also schedule meetings in your office if need be. It’s a small price to pay for someone who is working out of his home and does not have a decent address to show his potential clients.

When a potential client does call for an appointment, I recommend telling them that you’d like to meet at their office so you can get a better feel for what they do. If they don’t have an office, as a web designer or in some other niches you can often times do business by meeting at a coffee shop. People understand that not all web designers have locations. But you may have to charge less than someone with a physical location would to compensate them for their trust.

Action Step: Do not disregard the importance of having a great location as your main office address. There will be more about this in the “Fast Track to Growth” section.”

Regus Virtual Offices

You should also do your own Google search to find more and lower-priced virtual offices in the most desirable part of your particular city.